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Fitness Testing Evaluations/Re-evaluations

  • #11 Strathroy Army Cadet Corps 7880 Walkers Drive Strathroy, ON, N7G 3H5 Canada (map)

Its that time of year to qualify or re-qualify for your fitness levels. 

In accordance with the Cadet Administrative Training Orders (CATO's) this is a mandatory activity for all cadets to participate in. It strongly encouraged for all cadets to participate to achieve a fitness incentive level for more training opportunities regionally and at cadet training centres.

CATO 14-18: 

The purpose of the Cadet Fitness Assessment and Incentive Program is:

  1. to provide accurate and reliable information about a cadet’s personal fitness;

  2. to promote regular, enjoyable physical activity for cadets so they can reach and maintain a level of personal fitness that will contribute to good health and well-being;

  3. to help leaders determine cadet needs and guide cadets in planning personalized physical activity programs; and

  4. to recognize cadets for establishing physical activity behaviours that will lead to fitness development.

The cadet Fitness assessment is designed to assess the following three areas of fitness:

  1. cardiovascular endurance;  

  2. muscular strength; and

  3. muscular flexibility

Performance on each of the fitness-area tests is classified into two general areas:

  1. Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ); and

  2. Needs Improvement (e.g., not in the HFZ).

Note: The Cadet Fitness Assessment Incentive Program has been established as additional encouragement for cadets to achieve the HFZ.

Criterion-Referenced Standards:

  1. The Cadet Fitness Assessment uses health-related criteria called HFZ to determine cadets’ overall physical fitness and suggest areas for improvement when appropriate.

  2. HFZ is not based on averages or any other peer comparisons; they are criterion-referenced standards that are based on how much fitness is needed for good health. The standards are set specifically for males and females of different ages using the best available research.

  3. The beginning of the HFZ represents the minimum level of fitness necessary to have acceptable health.

The incentive levels are:

  1. Bronze

  2. Silver

  3. Gold

  4. Excellence

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