Medals, Awards & Financial Grants Criteria


Army Cadet Service Medal

The Army Cadet League of Canada has created an award to recognize continuous meritorious cadet service of at least four years by deserving army cadets. To qualify for this award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four years of honourable service with no serious infractions, and be recommended by the Cadet Corps Commanding Officer. Furthermore, eligible service is portable between army cadet corps. Army Cadets are also eligible to receive a Bar for the Army Cadet Service Medal for each year of training completed beyond the four year qualifying period.


Legion Medal Of Excellence

The purpose of the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence (RCLCME) is to provide recognition for individual endeavour in the area of citizenship in meeting and enhancing the aims and objectives of the cadet organization.  The Royal Canadian Legion sponsors the program.


Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal

The Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal, most commonly referred to as the Lord Strathcona Medal, is the highest award which can be bestowed upon a cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training. The medal, Certificate of Merit, and the lapel pin are awarded by the Lord Strathcona Trust.



The Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Medal (ANAVETS) is presented to Air Cadets for outstanding athletic excellence.

Candidates for the Medal will be nominated and selected from the Air Cadet Athletic Instructors Course conducted at various Air Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTC). A Medal will be awarded to the top female and male graduate from each course. A selection board shall be established in each CSTC to ensure the most deserving Cadets are selected for the Medal. Approving authority for the Award nominations is the Dominion Command ANAVETS, NDHQ/DCdts, and League Headquarters. The Medals should be presented by a representative of ANAVETS or on its behalf by the Reviewing Officer at the graduation parade.


Order of St. George Medal 

The Order of St. George will award a medal to honour Staff Cadets who distinguish themselves in their exemplary contribution at a CTC or at a Junior Canadian Ranger Enhanced Training Session (ETS) during the summer training period. 


Major-General W. A. Howard Medal

"The Major-General W. A. Howard Medal" as a legacy to promote training excellence by senior Army Cadets through a structured assessment of a cadet's overall performance. This award will recognize the cadet in each province and territory who has achieved the highest results in the 4th year Gold training level annually as they prepare to enter into the Year 5 “Master Cadet” level.


Cadet Medal of Bravery

The Cadet Award of Bravery may be awarded to a cadet who performs an outstanding deed of valour involving risk of life in attempting to save the life or property of others.

Cadet Awards (Financial) & Grants


Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship Award

  1. The award is known as “The Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship Award”. One of the Foundation's goals is to promote the Army Cadet Program, and encourage young Canadians to join the Army Cadets, and to enable worthy cadets to pursue a post-secondary education, to realize their potential and to become leaders in Canadian business, politics and the professions 
  2. The Foundation recognizes the outstanding success achieved by the Royal Canadian Army Cadets in fostering the citizenship development of Young Canadians and instilling in them a foundation for leadership and executive skills. As such, the Foundation wishes to support the Cadet Program by providing a University/College entrance scholarship award of up to $5,000 each year to a deserving Cadet from each of the three Cadets elements (Sea, Army and Air Cadets) which commenced following completion of the 2014-15 school year.