Army Cadet Program

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets, a federally-supported program, develops leadership skills, good citizenship, and physical fitness in youth aged 12 to 18, while stimulating interest in the history and activities of the Canadian Forces. There are currently over 18,000 Army cadets in more than 400 Cadet Corps across Canada. 11 Strathroy Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (11 RCACC) prides itself on developing self-esteem, confidence and discipline in today's youth.

The Army cadet program is designed to provide opportunities for tomorrow's leaders to grow and excel through training in the form of lessons taught on Tuesday nights, training exercises in the field and participation on any competition teams. At this time, the teams at 11 RCACC include orienteering and marksmanship with a drill team in early development. As a non-profit organization, the Support Committee relies on fundraising as well as corporate and personal donations to provide additional financial support for items not funded by the cadet program.



Your donation allows us to expand yearly training activities, purchased needed equipment, assist with unit operation costs and create new partnerships. 

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